Designer Notes & Corrections
August 2006
#1B Fancy Ribbed Shell
Special Abbreviations
T2R knit into the back of the 2nd st on left hand needle, then into front of 1st st, slip both sts off needle together.

#2: Greta
..... Shape Armholes:
Maintain lace pattern while working so eyelets remain aligned.  BO 3 [3, 4, 5, 6] sts at beg of next 2 rows: 72 [80, 86, 92, 98) sts.
Dec one stitch at end of each row 8 [9, 11, 14, 19] times evenly over 25 [27, 32, 38, 50] rows, ending with a WS row: 56 [62, 64, 64, 60] sts.
..... Work in demi eyelet pat (see chart):
AT THE SAME TIME, BO 1 [5, 1, 3, 6] sts at the beg of next 2 rows: Dec 1 st at each end of row 10 [13, 17, 20, 25] times evenly over 10 [13, 20, 26, 38] rows, ending with a WSR: 42 [36, 28, 26, 26] sts.  Move center 6 [8, 8, 8, 8] st to a stitch holder.

CO 64 (72, 64, 72, 88) sts.

#7B Open Lace Tank
Open Lace Pattern
Row 1 (WS): *P2, K1. Rep from * end with P2.
Row 2: Knit.
Repeat Rows 1 & 2 for open lace pattern.
#8 Tie-Front Cardi
Shape Armhole & Neck
Maintaining pat, BO 6 sts at armhole edge once, then dec 1 st EOR 4 times;
AT THE SAME TIME, dec 1 st EOR at front edge before 4 border sts 6 times;
then dec 1 st at front edge before 4 border sts every 4th row 10 (12, 14) times. 

Work even until piece measures same as Back.  BO rem 20 (22, 24) sts.
#14 Anne Shoulder Scarf
Cast on 8 sts.
Row 1: yo, K across.
Rows 2-6: Rep Row 1.
14 sts on the needle.
Row 7: yo, K1, M1R, K1, pm, K10, pm, M1L, K2. 17 sts on the needle: 4 sts, marker, 10 sts, marker, 3 sts.
Row 8: yo, knit across -18 sts on the needle.
Row 9: yo, K2, M1R, K1, sl marker, M1L, knit to last stitch before marker, M1R, K1, sl marker, M1L, K to the end - 23 sts on the needle: 6 sts, marker, 12 sts, marker, 5 sts.
Row 10: yo, knit across - 24 sts on the needle.
Row 11: yo, K to st before marker, M1R, K1, sl marker, M1L, K to st before the marker, M1R, K1, sl marker, M1L, k to end. 29 sts on the needle.
Row 12: yo, knit across - 30 sts on the needle.
#16 Elegant Florals
Missing from the Materials List: 1 skein Lt Country Blue #9709
#17: Lace Leaf Twin Set
Download chart | Download key  (both are in PDF format)
#20B: Black Hat/Scallop Rose
GAUGE: Please use the manufacturer’s recommended gauge. Tahki Yarn’s web site for the yarn Baby recommends Size 15-17 US needle for a gauge of 2.5 sts/inch (10 sts = 4").  A gauge of 2.5 sts/inch will give a finished head circumference of 24-3/4 inches BEFORE FELTING.  Felting is not an exact science.  The felting process can lose up to 25% of the height and 15% of the width from the finished knitted size.  Therefore, the after felting circumference might be 21" (24.75 – 15% = 21).
#21A: Lacy Camisole
• Size 5 US needles
• Size 7 US needles
• 22 sts = 4" over St st on larger needles OR SIZE REQUIRED TO OBTAIN GAUGE

¾ Sleeve Shrug
When total length is 30", from the point where 79 sts are on needle, stop working edge sts in ribbing, and begin decreasing extra sts at same rate: decrease 1 st each side edge every 4th row to 55 sts. 
Total length is about 35-36".  But you can make it as long as you wish - just stop about 5-6" before the desired total length and begin decreases. 
#21B Shrug
Pattern Stitch Correction
Row 1 (RS): [*(K2tog, yo, k1, yo, sl 1, k1, psso)*; k3, yo, sl 1, k1, psso, k2; rep from * to * once more]. Rep from [ to ] twice more.
Row 3: [*(K2tog, yo, k1, yo, sl 1, k1, psso)*; k1, k2tog, yo, k1, yo, sl 1, k1, psso; k1; rep from * to * once more]. Rep from [ to ] twice more.
Row 5: [*(K2tog, yo, k1, yo, sl 1, k1, psso)*; k2tog, yo, k3, yo, sl 1, k1, psso; rep from * to * once more]. Rep from [ to ] twice more.
• Size 8 US needles
• 20 sts = 4" over St st on size 8 OR SIZE REQUIRED TO OBTAIN GAUGE
#24 Stone Soup Shrug
DESIGNER NOTES:  The shrug pictured was made up in one color of Schaefer Yarn Elaine and another color of Schaefer Yarn Danya in an alternating stripe pattern. Click here to download corrected instructions in PDF format. (466KB)
#25 Diagonal Bobble Pullover
Additional Instructions for Project: The bobbles are made after the sweater is finished. Bobbles are to be placed on every 10th st of the center row. Using crochet hook E or F, attach yarn with chain st on knitted st. Leave the tail of the yarn hanging for 2-3". Work a dc st but do not finish it (only pull yarn through once). Rep 4 times. There are now 6 sts on the crochet hook. Pull yarn through all 6 sts at once tightly. Cut off working yarn. Pull beg and end yarn to the back and knot them safely together, burying tails in the work.

The schematic for this sweater shows a rectangle, but I really knitted a square. The advantage or dilemma with knitting diagonally is that it stretchs easily in any direction you want. The order of knitting the pieces is important:
Knit the Front and Back first. 
Next work the Boat Neck Band (because it adds 1 " more or less to the length of the armhole). 
Lastly, work the Bottom Band.
The sleeves are knitted separately, but from the shoulder down to wrist to be able to adjust the length any time easily.  I mark the center stitch of the sleeves to have an easier time when assembling the sweater.
With RS together, sew 2" seams at the corners of the Boat Neck Band for the shoulders.  Make sure the child's head goes through the boat neck opening easily.

Set the Sleeves
Align the center st of sleeve and the shoulder seam.  Pin in place.  To make my life easier and to avoid taking apart, I sew half the sleeve to the body. Sew from the shoulder seam towards the Bottom Band (on the Front).  Measure up the side seam from the Bottom Band (on the Front) to the bottom edge of the Sleeve.  Attach the sleeve to the Back at the same distance from the Bottom Band as on the Front.  Sew from the shoulder seam towards the Bottom Band (on the Back).
I don't like suggesting exact measurements because of the different tensions from different knitters. This might create distortion.
There is very little assembling, only the open underarm seams which I crochet together (because I like the look of a nicely finished edge) and closing the side seams with mattress stitch.
The bobbles were done last. I added 1 bobble on every 10th st in alternating colors, using a crochet hook.
#28 Harmony Pullover
Shape Neck & Shoulder
Next row (RS): Pat 25 (28,30,31) sts.  Turn on these sts only.
Next row: BO 3 sts, pat to end.
Pat 1 row.
Next row: Bo 3 sts, pat to end.  BO rem 19 (22,24,25) sts in pat.
Return to sts on HOLD.
Sl next 16 (18,18,20) sts to holder for center Back neck. Rejoin yarn and work 2nd half to match, reversing the shapings.