Designer Notes & Corrections
August 2013

August 2013
Issue 186

Get to Know: Penny Straker’s Classic Designs
(page 17)

Last sentence on page 17 should read:
Photography for the garments was done in black and white because “it would not limit the yarn shop to a certain color for a pattern.”

Project 10: Karina Cardi
Clarification: Pattern is written for only 4 sizes.
Cardi is sized to fit Women's Small (Medium, Large, X-Large).

Shape neck
Next row (RS): Work to 7 sts before marker and place sts just worked on stitch holder for Right
Front yoke, BO next 7 sts, work to end of row. Work even on rem 49 (53, 56, 60) sts Right Back yoke sts until neck meas 3 (3 1/4, 3 1/2, 3 3/4)" above BO neck sts, end after WSR . Do not cut yarn, place sts on holder.

Sl sts from stitch holder to ndl ready to work a WSR. . With WS facing, join yarn at neck edge . Work even in est pat until Front yoke meas same as Back yoke neck. BO all sts.

Sew sleeves tog from cuff edge to underarm marker. With RS facing, pick up and K60 (67, 74, 81) sts along Left Front yoke, pick up and K120 (134, 148, 162) sts along Back yoke,

Project 13: Alpaca Lacy Stole
KEY has a typo
sk2o should be sk2p
Click here for chart and revised key.

Project 17: Twilight
Clarification: One symbol for the key to the chart was mislabeled. Click here for chart and revised key.

Project 20: Tikal Bag
(pages 90-91)


CO 88 sts. Next row (RS): Beg with a knit st, work 1x1 Rib until piece meas 2”, end after RSR. Next row (WS): Change to Pyramid Lace patt. Work Row 8 once, inc 5 sts evenly across [93 sts]. Cont to work even, rep Rows 1-8 until piece meas aprox 9” from CO, end after Row 8 of patt [81 rows total in lace patt].