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The Editor's Notes

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Thanks for the Memories

Over the years, I’ve learned to embrace change. Change is good. No—really, it’s good. It’s unhinging, upsetting, uncomfortable, unnerving, and usually throws a monkey wrench into your carefully planned life. However, once you are through the change, one has to admit it was good.

With this December issue of Knit ‘N Style, it’s time for a change and a couple friends to embark on new career journeys that will take them away from us. Jack Lewis, our Real Men Knit columnist, writes his last column for us in this issue. He is a remarkable human being and I am grateful to Linda Braley (Jack’s knitting mentor) for having introduced us. I can promise you that he is still knitting and answering his email!

Michael del Vecchio will continue to design for Knit ‘N Style however he will be forgoing his technical editor duties. His new career path has led him to Creative Director at Universal Yarns and the job is keeping him very busy. You can read Michael’s blog at Though Michael was behind the scenes here, his help was invaluable to me and I will miss our weekend and evening email conversations while on deadline for the magazine.

One of the best parts of the knitting industry is that business contacts usually wind up as more than clients or freelance employees. We converse in the language of family, kids, pets, the economy, the trips to the doctor or dentist, the weather, relationships, and all the non-work topics that create bonds. We are more than merely “colleagues.” Perhaps technology has helped. We are just an email or a text message away.

We wish Jack and Michael all the best in their new ventures, but I know that I will hear from them, more than likely via email or a Tweet. After all, we are knitted together. Au revoir!

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