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What's In This Issue of Knit 'N Style
April 2009
April cover

Planting the Seed

It’s the time of the year when my mom begins to comb through her seed catalogs and starts to plan her vegetable garden. My parents have a built-in greenhouse, of sorts, between the kitchen and the back entrance to the house. The year-round resident Christmas cacti love the place.

Once she has set the garden plan and made the plant selections, the seeds are then placed into starter sets. The trays of seeds are nurtured by the warmth of the pilot lights on the gas stove, and they are covered in plastic wrap to keep the soil from drying out too much. Once the seedlings burst through the soil’s surface, the trays then graduate to the greenhouse to be cared for until each individual plant can go into the ground after the last frost. Memories from my youth include watching the daily evolution of the seeds become plants.

Knitters follow the same path as my mom. We browse through our library of books and magazines, planning our garden of projects. No doubt, in a burst of enthusiasm, we start several at once. From seeds to seedlings, we cultivate them and watch our projects grow before our eyes.

Sometimes we just work on projects that friends call “mindless,” when actually they are mind-full. Our thoughts are elsewhere, while at the same time, we knit. Soon the piece is big enough to be put into the garden, like my mom’s seedlings. Spring is the time for renewal and rebirth. I urge you to tend to your knitting gardens this time of the year, by planting seeds and watching them grow.

Perhaps instead of a new project, you’d like to try a new technique. Have you ever wanted to hand-dye yarn but thought it was too complicated or expensive? It looks like lots of fun and the results can be made into something to wear! Hélène Rush leads you step-by-step through the process of hand-dying in your kitchen. She explains exactly how to get those special effects that the pros do by using simple and safe dyes from Knit One, Crochet Too, beginning on page 34.

Many of you know Laura Bryant as the principal hand-dyer and owner of Prism Yarns. She is an amazing talent: weaver, hand-dyer, author, wearable artist, and knitwear designer. Her recent one-woman gallery exhibit of her textile art in Florida was an outstanding collection of color, texture, and form. In addition to showcasing selections from her knitwear collection, we are pleased to present a piece from her gallery show. Michael del Vecchio’s interview with her begins on page 18.

Eleonora Natili, our faithful fashion reporter, attended the Mercedes-Benz Fashion Week in New York City, NY. She will update us from the runway regarding ready-to-wear fashions in knitwear for this year’s spring and summer seasons.

Lots to inspire you – Let’s get started!


The Gallery

Cables & Lace
Just Heavenly Shawl
Sweet Confections
Desert Flowers Jacket
Lacy Shrug
Jury Duty Beauty
Buckingham Lace Cardigan
Diamond Lace Tunic by Cynthia Yanok
Flirty Lace
Cotton Silk Chevron Shell
Spring Cabled Cardigan by Gayle Bunn
Watercolor Vest
Soleil Halter
Two for Tea by Diane Zangl
Blue Skies Jacket
Carnival Top
Nantucket Shell
Deep Vee Pullover
Chevron Vest
Sophia Cardigan
Country Swing, City Swing
Mix It Up Colorbox Coat
Striped Cardigan
Flounce Trimmed Jacket
Natalina Shirt by Diane Zangl
Chic Bamboo
V-Neck Striped Vest
Random Stripe Jacket by Michael del Vecchio
Crazy Cabled Hoodie
Cabled Henley Pullover by Michael del Vecchio
Twig Lace Cap
Rainbow Fulled Bag
Arrowhead Lace & Cable Scarf
Power Stripe Socks
Christening Gown & Bonnet by Georgia Druen
Pom-Pom Hooded Cardigan & Blanket
Rose Lace Jacket by Amy Polcyn

Cables & Lace
Project features Twilley's/Kertzer Freedom Sincere; design by Sandy Prosser.

Flirty Lace
Project features Conjoined Creations Dance Party; design by Jane Robbins.

image copyright 2009, all americancrafts, inc image copyright 2009, all americancrafts, inc
image copyright 2009, all americancrafts, inc image copyright 2009, all americancrafts, inc
Spring Cabled Cardigan
Project features Patons Silk Bamboo;
design by Gayle Bunn
Chic Bamboo
Project features Schulana / Skacel Collection Sojobama

Click here for more photos from The Gallery


Spring/Summer 2009 Knitwear Fashion Forecast
Cool Knits Brighten the Spring Scene
by Eleonora Natili

Designer in the Spotlight
Through the Prism—The Many Facets of Laura Militzer Bryant
by Michael del Vecchio

‘N Style Workshop
Knitted Stripes—Inspired Design and Flawless Execution
by Margaret Radcliffe

yarn salon heart

yarn salon heart
Knit & Crochet Collection
Springtime Tees
by Melissa Leapman

Knitting and Crocheting for a Cause
by U.S. Army Spc. Tiffany Evans

Kitchen Dye, Easy as Pie!
by Hélène Rush

The Yarn Salon
April Yarn Review
by Cynthia Yanok

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Lorna’s Helpful Hints for Hand-Dyes:
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