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August 2011 · Issue 174


One Designing Woman's Style Has a Greater Purpose

by Kathy Blumenstock

Hand Knit Workshop
Edge Stitches: To Slip or Not to Slip

by Margaret Radcliffe

Knit Practice
Knitting Mistakes

by Jack Lewis

The Melissa Leapman Knit & Crochet Collection
Transitional Pullovers

Lorna’s Helpful Hints for Hand-Dyes
Hand-Dyed Effects from Solid Yarns

by Lorna Miser

Skinny Infinity Scarf

by Lorna Miser

Mid-Gauge Machine Magic
Use Tuck and Tensions to Create a Crochet-Look Stitch

by Mary Anne Oger

Faux Crochet Cardigan

by Mary Anne Oger

Get to Know


Waves at the Shore
Waves at the Shore

Waves on the Shore

by Diane Zangl

Fiesta Sweater

by Brigitte Reydams

Two-Tone Tank

V-Neck Tank

by Gayle Bunn

Tie-Neck Top

Vest for All Seasons

by Jodi Snyder

Mushishi Textured Wrap

Chevron Lace Pullover

Retro-Inspired Tee

by Sandi Prosser

Winter Primrose

by Hélène Rush

retro inspired tee
Retro-Inspired Tee

Asymmetrical Pullover

by Sharon Sorken

Pantino Jacket

Argyle & Cable Pullover

by Sandi Prosser

Portofino Mitered Jacket

by Laura Bryant

Simple Cardi

by Sandi Prosser

Frilly Knit Scarf

Fibonacci Jacket

by Colleen East

Jazzy Tube Scarf

Hexagon Duster

by Patti Subik

Online Project
this issue's online project

Unisex Tapestry Yoke Sweater

by Michael del Vecchio

Penelope Vintage Sweater

by Julie Farmer

Fraulein Zipper Vest

by Kim Cameron

Patchwork Coat

Ready-to-Play Pullover

by Sandi Prosser

Style Department

The Editor’s Notes
Never to Old to Learn

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