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October 2011 · Issue 175


2011 Fall Fashion Forecast
Global Knitwear Trends Heat Up Fall 2011

by Eleonora Natili

Knit Practice
Knitting Time

by Jack Lewis

Hand Knit Workshop
Designing a Scarf: Straying from the Straight and Narrow

by Margaret Radcliffe

The Melissa Leapman Knit & Crochet Collection
Casual Tweed Jackets

Lorna’s Helpful Hints for Hand-Dyes
Ten Different Looks from One Colorway

by Lorna Miser

Market Bag Times Ten

by Lorna Miser

Mid-Gauge Machine Magic
Manual Lace

by Mary Anne Oger

Lacey Blues Cardigan

by Mary Anne Oger

Get to Know
Namaste Farms


Draped Vest

by Sandi Prosser

Intertwined Shawl

by Melissa Leapman

Butterflies Shawl

by Hélène Rush

Ruffled Wrap

by Ann Regis

Deep V-Neck Vest

by Katharine Hunt

Juli Cowled Vest

Peek-A-Boo Shrug

by Sandi Prosser

Indian Summer Skirt & Vest


by Brigitte Reydams

Cable & Lace Tunic

by Sandi Prosser

Breathe of Air Intrigue Scarf

by Kathleen M. Eldredge

Chanel-Inspired Cardigan

by Heather Lodinsky

Honeycomb Pullover

Namaste Andean Jacket

by Nicky Epstein

Icelandic Sweater & Arm Warmers

Lace Yoke Cardigan

by Gayle Bunn

Ribbed Pullover

by Sandi Prosser

Thick-Knit Car Coat

by Kerin Dimeler-Laurence

Twisted Boyfriend Cardigan

by Jodi Snyder


Flynn Pullover

by Diane Zangl

Girl's Fall Vest

by Sandi Prosser

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