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December 2011 · Issue 176


2011 Men’s Fall/Winter Fashion Forecast
The Best of the Best in Men’s Knits

by Eleonora Natili

Knit Practice
Yarn Performance

by Jack Lewis

Hand Knit Workshop
Design Your Own Evening Bag

by Margaret Radcliffe

The Melissa Leapman Knit & Crochet Collection
Holiday Jackets

Lorna’s Helpful Hints for Hand-Dyes
Variegated Yarn Can Be Too Much

by Lorna Miser

Lace Butterfly Tablet Case

by Lorna Miser

Mid-Gauge Machine Magic
Putting the ‘Able’ in Cable

by Mary Anne Oger

Cable Gal Cardigan

by Mary Anne Oger

12 Days of Christmas
Holiday Gift-Giving Guide

Get to Know
Simple Gifts from Slatefalls Press


Dune Miter Garter Pullover

by Dana Hurt

Holiday Cardi

by Sandi Prosser

On the Town

by Sandi Prosser

Peasant Ruffle Pidge update

by Marcy New

A Stole for Norma

by Laurie Cook

Foxy Duo

by Connie Shanahan

Evening Halter

by Sandi Prosser

Wild Ruffled Wrap

by Laura Bryant

Orbit Purse & Diagonal Scarf

by Barry Klein

Karaoke Cabled Pullover

by Vladimira Cmorej

Elegant Crossover


by Cindy Myska Colbert

Imagination Cowl

Guinevere Scarf

by Hélène Rush

Lacy Knit Vest

by Julie Farmer

Cape with Hood


by Kimberly K. McAlindin

Chunky Cowl

by Laura Gebhardt

Luna Scarf

by Patti Subik

Short-Sleeved Pullover

Juliet Cap, Cowl & Wristlets

by Therese Chynoweth

Big Easy Jacket

by Patti Subik

Marina Holiday Glitz Scarf

Cabled Capelet

Fair Isle Pullover & Hat

by Gayle Bunn

Cozy Raglan Turtleneck

Winter Braided Yoke Pullover

by Hélène Rus

Berry Cowl

by Randi Sunde

Cabled Socks

Leticia Pullover

by Diane Zang

Woven Square Wrap

by Thanh Nguyen

Spark & Shimmer Wristers

by Amy Polcyn

Ingrid Cap & Cowl

by Therese Chynoweth

Tri-Color Ribbed Jacket

Kate’s Shawl

by Jodi Snyder

Easy Holiday Necklace

by Jamelle Lampkin

Modern Classic Christmas Stockings

by Nina Isaacson

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