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February 2012 · Issue 177


Get to Know
Maggie Jackson of MaggiKnits

by Deborah Knight

Knit Practice
Yarn Economy

by Jack Lewis

Hand Knit Workshop
Yarn Substitution—It’s More Than Just Matching Gauge

by Margaret Radcliffe

The Melissa Leapman Knit & Crochet Collection
Bulky Cabled Vests

Lorna’s Helpful Hints for Hand-Dyes
Use a Variegated Yarn to Blend Two Solids

by Lorna Miser

Scalloped Mini Shawl

by Lorna Miser

Mid-Gauge Machine Magic
Using Short-Rows to Suit Shapely Ways

by Mary Anne Oger


by Mary Anne Oger

Shoulder Shawlette

by Lisa Gentry

Funnel-Neck Lace Tunic

by Sandi Prosser

On the Town

by Sandi Prosser

Woven Cable Shawl

Skinny Stripes Shawl

by Hélène Rush

Viennese Capelet

by Patti Subik

Horizontal Vest

by Sandi Prosser


by Jodi Snyder

Color-Tex Pullover

by Diane Zangl

Opus1 Cardigan

by Jutta Bücker

Lattice Pullover with Peplum

Elegant Crossover

Casual Men’s Polo
by Sandi Prosser

Blue Jean Cardi-Vest
by Brigitte Reydams

Magical Shoulder Cozy
by Cathy Payson

Buttonless Jacket
by Gayle Bunn

Nordic Ice
by Caryn Leighton

Alpaca Dance Cardigan

Getting Ready for Spring
by Sandi Prosser

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