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On Our Cover:
Sandi Prosser designed a knee-length vest featuring three fibers from Trendsetter Yarns. The body of the vest is knit in Garter stitch using Merino 8 Shadow. Cha Cha is worked together with Merino 8 Shadow to create a ruffle effect on the turn-back collar, which is then adorned with Bodega flowers.

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April 2012 • Issue 178   

12 2012 Spring Fashion Forecast
The Knits You Need
for Spring 2012

by Eleonora Natili

16 Knit Practice
Knitting Books
by Jack Lewis

18 Hand Knit Workshop
Design Your Own Circular Shawl
by Margaret Radcliffe

20 The Melissa Leapman
Knit & Crochet Collection
Textured Tops

22 Lorna’s Helpful Hints for
Rare and Beautiful
Long Color Repeats

by Lorna Miser

24 Slipped Stitch Hat
by Lorna Miser

26 Mid-Gauge Machine Magic
Single-Bed Machine
Cast on Methods

by Mary Anne Oger
Spring Gardens
29 Diamond Lace Tee

30 Floral-Edged Tank

31 Twist Sweater
by Heather Lodinsky

32 Daisies Tank Top
by Therese Chynoweth

33 Gisela Ballet Cardi
by Diane Zangl

Night Lights
35 Flowers & Ruffles Vest
by Sandi Prosser

36 Gothic Vines Stole
by Warren Agee

37 Aphrodite Lipstick Jacket
by Laura Bryant

Color and Texture
38 Get Cabled Shrug
by Alice Tang

39 Nothing But Knit Jacket
by Lorna Miser

40 Graceful Dead Top
by Hélène Rush

41 Cable & Seed Stitch Pullover
by Gayle Bunn

The Weekend
43 Random Pullover
by Mary Anne Oger

44 Winter Sky Pullover
by Jodi Snyder

45 Swing Cape
by Brigitte Reydams

Urban Chic
47 Diamonds Are Forever
by Amy Polcyn

48 Button Up Set
by Sandi Prosser

49 Swirls Cardigan
by Joan McGowan-Michael

Mommy and Me
51 Mommy and Me Sassy Shrug
by Mary Bonnette

’n Style Departments
4 The Editor’s Notes
New Shoes

8 ‘n Style Book Reviews

In Every Issue
86 Source of Supply

86 Index of Advertisers

87 Knitting Abbreviations

88 ‘n Style Marketplace

90 Yarn Shops