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What's In This Issue of Knit 'N Style
August 2008

Take Time to Breathe

June 2008 coverIt’s interesting where life leads you. When I came on board as the new editor of Knit ‘N Style, I was focused on the flow of the production of the magazine, from concepts and designer contracts to completion. Recently, we have shifted gears and, as I write, are putting the finishing touches on our first knitting book. I had to get my head wrapped around a different way of presenting information. It’s been exciting, exhausting, and a great learning experience.

We’ve often said here that each issue is like having a baby. The issue starts easy and with the hope that maybe this time everything will go smoothly, with no glitches, problems, or shift of plans. Then comes the time to tech edit the patterns and our email in-box is full of questions out to designers and answers in return. With a week to go until the magazine ships off to the printer, we think we’re done, but we’re not. The color is a tad off on the sweater. Is that chart correct? Where’s your editorial, Penelope? We are waiting on the artwork for the last ad. What day is this? Time goes by so fast.

Since there is always something on the needles tossed on my coffee table at home, when I have five spare minutes, or need time to re-sort the never-ending to-do list in my head, I pick up the project and knit a row or two. I wistfully think how nice it would be to allow myself the luxury of even 30 minutes of knitting. But in the small amount of time that it takes to knit those 64 stitches in the round on the socks, or another row on Caitlin’s sweater, that is all I need to bring me to a place of calm, focus, and breathing. I find sometimes I forget to take deep, full breaths. It’s been said that knitting is the new yoga. How is your breathing?

Until next time, enjoy your knitting and wishing you an awesome summer—

Lacy Tencel Cardigan
Project features Prism Yarns Tencel Tape; designed by Laura Bryant
Chevron Sweater
Project features Skacel Collection Namaste
22 Chevron sweater
Diamond Jacket windowpane
Aran Diamond Jacket
Project features Cascade Yarns Cash Vero; designed by Diane Zangl
Men's Windowpane Gansey
Project features Vermont Organic O-Wool Classic; designed by Diane Zangl

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The Gallery

Triangle Shawl
All About Romance
Block Lace Shawl
Regal Silk Vest
Lacy Tencel Cardigan
Smooth Silk Pullover
Summer Breeze
Namaste Chevron Sweater
Chestnut Jacket by Michael del Vecchio
Cozy Comfort Classic
Incanto V-Neck Pullover
Plum Summer Wrap
Triple Play Cardigan
Classic Twin Set by Edie Eckman
Swirly Cape
Cream Lace Jumper
Woodman’s Vest
Subtle Stripes Top by E.J. Slayton
Surf ‘n Turf
Aran Diamond Jacket by Diane Zangl
Willow Vest
Dewdrop Cardi
Surprise Short Sleeve Cardigan
A Touch of Cables by Lois S. Young
Sideways Lattice Pullover
Boku Circle Shrug
Fair Isle Pullover
Nordic Delight by Gayle Bunn
Ribbed Tunic
Men’s Windowpane Gansey by Diane Zangl
Little Baby Boy Blue
My Little Butterfly
Baby Waves Afghan
sock wars
‘N Style Workshop
Ruffle Your Knits

Yarn Salon
Super Kits for Summer Fun
Projects to Pack and Go


Designer Spotlight:
Teva Durham
Hip Sensibility—Immersed in Tradition
by Michael del Vecchio

Knit & Crochet Collection
Little Cardigans
by Melissa Leapman

‘N Style Workshop
Ruffle Your Knits
by Margaret Radcliffe

Super Kits for Summer Fun
Projects to Pack and Go

The Finishing Touch
Accessories from the Bolivian Highlands
by Judi Kauffman

The Yarn Salon
August Yarn Review
by Cynthia Yanok Rich

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Yarnmarket LLC

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