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What's In This Issue of Knit 'N Style
October 2007 coverDecember 2007
Birthdays are inevitable. They mark the passage of time. Some are worth noting, and others seem not so important. Knit ‘N Style and I have something in common this year. We are both celebrating birthdays with an “0” at the end. For me, it’s a major life marker, one that seemed far off not that long ago. I keep reminding myself that it’s really only “half way”, a state of mind, just a number. Given that Knit ‘N Style is also celebrating a birthday with an “0” at the end – our 10th – let’s look back to see how far we have come.

10 years in publication is a milestone in this day and age, what with the internet, satellite media and just about mobile everything. We have to be honest – KNS has had a little “work” done. She got a face lift 10 years ago this month. Prior to that, she was known as Fashion Knitting.

As it turns out, Fashion Knitting and Crochet Fantasy were the founding publications of All American Crafts Publishing Inc back in 1981. In 1983, Knitting Elegance was added to the group, with the fashion photography done in Europe. Magazines have life cycles, based on trends and market interest. Some have staying power, such as Knit ‘N Style, while others run their course and are retired or sold.

In looking over the first issue of Fashion Knitting, the premier issue of Knit ‘N Style, and the 10th anniversary edition of Knit ‘N Style the recurring themes are well photographed timeless designs, introduction of new fibers, and timely knitwear fashion reports.

We’re focusing on the theme of 10 for our birthday in different ways – 10 Product Reviews, 10 Gift Ideas for the Holidays, 10 Book Reviews, 10 Tips from 10 Top Knitwear Designers, and 50 (that’s 10 x 5) projects. This issue should keep you very busy – it’s our largest one in 26 years of publishing knitting magazines.

As this is our last issue of the calendar year, we look forward to what the next year will bring. May your New Year be healthy, prosperous and joyful! Make a resolution this year to give yourself more time and to knit!

Until next time, enjoy your knitting!

The Gallery
Britney Top with Purse
Transparent Beauty
Black Orchid Camisole
Evening Surprise Shawl
Holy Moly Bolero
Parisienne Sweater
Cable-Knit Cardi
Wrapped In Luxury
Ruffle Wrap
Wrap Collar Pullover
Martha Wrap Around Cardi
Cabled Cardigan
New Wave Bolero
King George Cabled Pullover
Gentry Timeless Cardigan
Jazzy Kimono Jacket
Cozy Coat
Six Rectangle Jacket
Knock-A-Round Hoodie
All Buttoned Up Vest
Urban Silk Lace Stole
Diamond Moss Stitch Vest
Color Block Kimono Jacket
Swing Jacket & Trumpet Skirt
Wedding Jacket
An Aran Christmas
Bubblegum Baby Set
Snowflake Sweater
Bobble & Lace Trim Pullover
Cabled Petal Scarf
Waffle Scarf
Cable Me Red
Night Lights
Cables & Color
Icicle Hat & Warmers
Peppermint Twist Socks
Big Cable Purse
Rain Drops
Purl Lace Socks
Let’s Do Lunch
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Empire Waist Pullover Jazzy Kimono Jacket
Empire Waist Pullover Jazzy Kimono Jacket
King George Cabled Pullover Britney Top
King George Cabled Pullover Britney Top

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Fall/Winter 2007 Men’s Fashion Forecast: Men’s Knits Have International Cachet
by Eleonora Natili

100 Tips from 10 Top Designers
edited by Penelope Taylor

Knit & Crochet Collection: Empire Waist Pullovers
by Melissa Leapman

The Yarn Salon: December Yarn Review
by Cynthia Yanok

Get to Know: Twisted Sisters

Make Your Own Mittens, Part One
by Margaret Radcliffe

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