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I invite you to take Jinny Joy Townsend up on the healing benefits of mindless knitting. Once I read her article, I immediately began a very simple, portable project. We all have extra sets of needles, left over yarns, and it’s a great idea to build a stash of ready to go gifts. I think of how many times I’ve gone out and purchased a gift when I really wanted to make one instead but didn’t have the time.

We have a double dose of book and product reviews for this holiday issue so you can get started on your gift or wish list. Wishing everyone healthy and safe holidays… Happy New Year — May all your dreams come true in 2007!

Feature Focus
Designer Spotlight on Melissa Leapman
Mindless Knitting

Runway Highlights
Hockey Sweater & Winter Hat
Stars & Diamonds
Beaded Diamonds Shawl
Bell Sleeve Cabled Pullover
Heavenly Mitre Cardigan
Glimmer Shrug
Party Time Bolero
Faux Ever Yours Edged Coat
Diamond Cable Jacket
Shaped Ribbed Sweater
Swing Coat
A-Line Jacket
Lattice Pullover
Glitter Cable Pullover
Curvatious Shawl Collar Jacket
Off-the-Shoulder Evening Delight
Flower Sleeve Top
Wezen Striped Pullover
Eyelet Drawstring Top
A Shrug To Be Noticed
Lacy Cardigan
Mother of the Bride
Ring Tube Shirt
Isis & Lasso Cardigan
Shapely Striped Sweater
Fitting Cabled Sweaters
Subtle Evening Shine
Zippity Do Da Duo
Felted Flower Bag
So Hip To Be Square Stocking
Knit Ruffle Felted Bag
Felted Fringed Bag
Knit Elegant Felted Bag
Little Evening Bags

Words Of Wisdom
I’m So Glad You Asked! by Leslye Solomon
‘N Style Reviews

Count on Us!
Knitting and Cats
Sources of Supply – Who Makes It
Advertiser Index
Mail Order Market
Yarn Shop Directory

In this Issue - Stars and Diamonds In this Issue - Lattice Pullover
Inside this Issue - Flower Sleeve Top Inside this issue - Zippity Do Da Duo

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