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What's In This Issue of Knit 'N Style
October 2007 coverFebruary 2008

Earlier this year, I had the fortune to be invited to New York City for a lecture by Stephanie Pearl-McPhee, celebrating the launch of her new book Casts Off. I was amazed how far knitters traveled to attend this event. Of course, Stephanie did not disappoint. The Craft Yarn Council provided every person with a ball of yarn, needles and directions (as if we didn’t carry our own knitting with us) to knit a block for the Warm Up America Afghan Project. It was a delightful way to spend a couple of hours – listening to Stephanie and knitting for charity.

Sitting in the lecture auditorium, I had an “aha!” moment. I finally understood what my multi-tasking friends were talking about – why not get an audio book and have someone “read to me” while I knit. Yes, I knit in front of the television and while chatting on the phone with a girlfriend, but I miss finding the time to read. Why not combine reading and knitting? Libraries often have audio books on tape or CD. You can even purchase and download an audio book from iTunes directly to your iPod (and it’s cheaper than buying the CDs). We have an interview with Stephanie in this issue, if you have not been introduced to The Yarn Harlot, as she calls herself. And, yes, her books are available on CDs!

I had a lot of fun gathering the buttons for this issue. The focus of “Closures You’ll Love” brings your attention to unusual pieces across an array of mediums. Pewter has been a tradition on Nordic sweaters, while for the kids, we always like fun shapes and colors. There is a difference between clay and ceramic buttons, and not all glass artists are alike. In my travels, I discovered buttons made from resin, enamel, and even finely carved wood. Consider using buttons not only as closures, but as embellishment on your projects.

We have Part Two of Margaret Radcliffe’s Mitten Workshop so that you can finish up the thumbs and cuffs of your custom mittens. These are a great, quick, and very personalized project. In case you missed it, Part One of her workshop can be found in the December 2007 issue of Knit ‘N Style.

Check out all the great projects in this issue – start on a Diane Zangl short sleeve top for the spring or a Melissa Leapman hoodie for the New Year. We have accessories, jewelry, and gotta make projects for the kids. Let’s get started!

Until next time, enjoy your knitting!

The Gallery
Winter Berry
Lace Pullover Vest
Herringbone Car Coat
Diagonal Weave Cardigan
Cable Cardigan
Esperanza Shawl Collar Cardigan
Cabled Serape With Belt
Harbinger of Spring
Double Front Jacket
Steps Cardigan
Victorian Wrap
Precious Silk Shawl
Fuji Bolero
Pure Poetry Lace Vest
Rainy Day Pullover
Lacy Denim Cardigan
‘Hers’ – A Pullover
Elinor Top
Take It From The Top Down
Strawberry Swirl
Torino Jacket
Richly Cabled Cardigan
Simply Stripes
Flower Garden
Cabled Hat & Scarf
Satchel Grande
On Your Toes
Snowflake Set
Spring Has Sprung
Necklaces Made With Love
Child’s Striped Hoodie
Sassy Party Dress
The Retro

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from The Gallery

Esperanza Shawl Collar Cardigan Harbinger of Spring
Esperanza Shawl Collar Cardigan Harbinger of Spring
Winter Berry Richly Cabled Cardigan
Winter Berry Richly Cabled Cardigan

Pewter Buttons
Buttons, Buttons,
and More Buttons!


Designer Spotlight: Stephanie Pearl-McPhee
The Yarn Harlot Casts Off
by Jack Lewis

The Yarn Salon
February Yarn Review
by Cynthia Yanok Rich

Get to Know
Universal Yarn

Knit & Crochet Collection
Boucle Hoodies
by Melissa Leapman

‘N Style Workshop
Make Your Own Mittens, Part Two
by Margaret Radcliffe

A Closer Look
Buttons, Buttons, and More Buttons!

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