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What's in this Issue of Knit 'N Style
October 2007 coverOctober 2007

Recently Knit ‘N Style attended the semi-annual trade show for the fine hand yarn industry. Yarn manufacturers debut their Fall/Winter collections of fibers that will soon be in your local yarn shops. Not only do yarn shop owners and publishing companies get to see the new lines of yarn, but these shows are an incredible source of inspiration and introduce the latest in knitwear designs. Kicking off the three day event is a fashion show presented by the TNNA Yarn Group of manufacturers (, and it is always a much anticipated event. I saw more men’s sweaters on the runway than ever before and we have quite a few patterns in this issue for you and your guy.

Here are some of my observations from the TNNA show - look for timeless classic styles in knitwear, with lots of stitch texture. We are going to let the fiber be the star. Get ready for lots of organics and “naturals” – kelp, seaweed, seashells besides fibers you are already familiar with: corn, bamboo, silk, soy, cotton, wool. Fashions for babies are everywhere. They are updated and adorable, with a push towards working them up in organic fibers.

Speaking of fashion shows, our fashion saavy reporter, Eleonora Natili, brings us her Women’s Fall/Winter runway report, Cutting-Edge Knits, straight from New York, London, Milan and Paris. She will let you know what styles are new, what colors you can expect in the stores this fall and what textures and patterns are being offered by the big design houses in women’s ready to wear. Looking forward to our December issue, Eleonora will report on the Men’s Fall/Winter Ready To Wear collections.

Next issue, Knit ‘N Style is celebrating our 10th anniversary – it is working up to be our largest issue ever with input from top knitwear designers, lots of products and books, and of course, fashion knitwear for the holidays. Join us at our birthday party!

Until next time, enjoy your knitting!

The Gallery
Cables Milano
Weekend in New England
Sherpa Cable Pullover
Cambio Unisex Fair Isle Pullover
Seacalin Coat
Whimsical Hat & Scarf
Cabled Raglan Pullover
Point 5 & Firecracker
Stripe Turtleneck
Dazzling Diamonds
Falling Flowers
Retro Wrap Sweater
Anne Slanting Lace Scarf
Glen Fraser
Cable Tunic
Seashell Shawl
Cables & Ribs Jacket
Winter Pastels
Something Fishy
Round Collar Cardigan
Colorado Lynne
Marching Cables
Bobble Tote
Over the Speed Limit
Shawl Collar Pullover
Funky Lumpy Bumpy Sweater
Fair Isle Tunic & Wristlets
Lerwick Raglan
Casual Elegance Car Coat
Knit Cable Tunic
Crochet Cable Tunic
Knit Col Socks
Stripes for Baby
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Marching Cables - Dark Horse Yarn

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Fall/Winter 2007 Fashion Forecast
Cutting-Edge Knits Liven Fall Wardrobes by Eleonora Natili

The Yarn Salon
October Yarn Review by Cynthia Yanok

Knit & Crochet Collection
Waffle Stitch Pullovers By Melissa Leapman

Get to Know
Wagtail Yarns

‘N Style Workshop
Seaming Perfection by Margaret Radcliffe

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The Editor’s Notes: Looking Ahead
'N Style Book Reviews
‘N Style Product Reviews
Real Men Knit: Knitting for Men
So Glad You Asked: The Puffed Sleeve is Back
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Knitting Abbreviations
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