Triangle Collared Shawl

This easy and fast to knit shawl is worked with a collection of eight Crystal Palace yarns and is offered as a knit in five different colorways.




  • 3, 50 gm/98 yd balls each of Crystal Palace Cotton Chenille in Neptune #8117 (A) and Persian Turquoise #9008 (B)
  • crystal palace yarns

    • 1,50 gm/100 yd ball of Crystal Palace Squiggle in Seven Seas Mix #9291
    • 1,50 gm/120 yd ball of Crystal Palace Fizz in Seafoam Mix #7223
    • 1,50 gm/112 yd ball each of Crystal Palace Mikado in Deep Sea Mix #7298 (A) and Indigo #1801 (B)
    • 1,50 gm/80 yd ball each of Crystal Palace Deco-Ribbon in Seafoam #7236 (A) and Teal Stripe # 122 (B)
    • 1,50 gm/90 yd ball of Crystal Palace Shimmer in Teal # 1742
    • 1,50 gm/92 yd ball of Crystal Palace Choo-Choo in Teal Green #1611
    • 1, 100 gm/85 yd ball of Crystal Palace Splash in Seven Seas #7188
    • Crystal Palace Bamboo 35 in. long circular needle in size 15 U.S. OR SIZE REQUIRED TO OBTAIN GAUGE
    • Crochet hook size J, K or L U.S.


    Entire Shawl is worked in garter st (= k every row) with doubled yarn, one strand of COTTON CHENILLE and one strand of one of the other yarns which is changed randomly.

    The pictured Shawl is available as the Teal-Seafoam Colorway kit. Kits are also available in four other color-ways: Royal Magenta, Newsprint (black-white), Woodsy Sage and Shell Beach-Neutral from Crystal Palace Yarns.


    COLOR BANDS: Work 4-6 rows of one pair of yarns (for example COTTON CHENILLE color A + DECO-RIBBON color A), then change to another (for example DECO-RIBBON color B) to combine with COTTON CHENILLE color A. Work another 3-6 rows. Change to COTTON CHENILLE color B + DECO-RIBBON color B for 3-6 rows, then change DECO-RIBBON color B to FIZZ and work with one strand of COTTON CHENILLE color B for 3-6 rows. Cont randomly changing the pairs of yarns, always working with one strand of COTTON CHENILLE color A or B plus a strand of another yarn.

    FRINGE: Before beg Shawl, cut yarn for fringe.

    Use an object 7 1/2 in. high (like a video box) and wrap yarns around the box lengthwise, counting turns. Cut through the yam wraps at one end of box. This makes fringe cuts that are approx 17 in. long. If you wish a shorter fringe, use a small box or book.

    Cut the foll fringes:

    • 20 of each color of DECO-RIBBON (total 40)
    • 20 of SPLASH 40 of each color of COTTON CHENILLE (total 80)
    • 50 of FIZZ 40 of SHIMMER 20 of each color of MIKADO (total 40) Note: CHOO-CHOO and SQUIGGLE are not used in fringe.

    SHAWL: With one strand each of COTTON CHENILLE color A and one strand of DECO-RIBBON color A, CO 3 sts. (Note: Put SPLASH aside as it will be used at the very end of the Shawl for knitting the collar edge.) Working in garter st with one strand of COTTON CHENILLE and a 2nd yarn in random stripes (see Color Band pat), inc 1 st at beg of every row until Shawl has 140 sts. Change to one strand of COTTON CHENILLE and one strand of SPLASH. Work 4-6 rows in garter st (or until you are almost out of yarn). BO LOOSELY. If you h


    Randomly double yarns cut for fringe and with crochet hook loop the fringe beg at the point of Shawl and work up both sides. Note: Putting the fringe about 4 in. apart all around and then filling in between helps keep the fringe evenly spaced and randomly mixed.

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